Carbon Filters

city soft softner and carbon filter combo

What are Carbon Filters, and do I really need one?  

Carbon Filters are made from materials such as coal or coconut shell, which are both naturally high in carbon and act as barriers that stop substances from contaminating your drinking water. Much like basic water filters you can purchase from the store, Carbon Filters will make your water healthier to consume. The only difference between a basic water filter and a Carbon Filter is that they use the Ancient Egyptian discovery of the mineral carbon, to do it.  

You only need a Carbon Filter if you are interested in ridding your home’s water of bad tastes, odors, heavy metals, iron, lead, bacteria, mercury, chlorine and Trihalomethanes … so the answer is YES! Yes you need a Carbon Filter. There are three types of Carbon Filters to choose from and your plumbing professional at Heiland Home Services will be able to walk you through the pros and cons of Granular Activated Carbon Filters, Carbon Block Filters, and Radial flow GAC carbon filters. Once installed, Carbon Filters use the science of absorption to remove contaminants. They are extremely porous and have a large surface area acting like a sponge that soaks up dangerous toxins, leaving you with healthier and better tasting water.