Whole House Sediment Filters

Whole House Sediment Filters

Whole-House Sediment Filters: Protect Your Home and Appliances

Enjoy clean, safe, and refreshing water throughout your entire home with a whole-house sediment filter. A whole-house sediment filter is an advanced water filtration system that removes impurities and contaminants, such as particles, dirt, and even heavy metals, that can negatively impact the quality and taste of your water supply.

A whole-house sediment filter uses automatic ion exchange and chemical filtration to ensure your water is free of harmful substances such as chlorine, chemicals, and algae. Installing a whole-house sediment filter can safeguard your plumbing fixtures against potential damage. Heiland Home Services has been protecting the health and well-being of families throughout Bucks County, PA, for over 12 years through our plumbing and water treatment services. Our whole-house sediment filters are designed to provide you with the highest quality, cleanest water possible.

Types of Whole-House Sediment Filters

Whole-house sediment filters are a must-have for any homeowner concerned with the health and safety of their plumbing system. These filters remove sediment, debris, and other unwanted impurities from your water supply. At Heiland Home Services, we have a range of whole-house sediment filters available, each for specific situations.

Spun Polypropylene Filters

Spun polypropylene filters are an efficient house water filter to reduce sediment and other impurities from your water, making them the ideal choice for households relying on municipal water sources. The filter life of this house system is about six months before they need to be replaced, but this may vary depending on your usage levels and the sediment level in your water.

Pleated Polyester Filters

If your home has high water usage, using pleated polyester filters as your house filtration system is recommended because they can remove smaller particles than spun polypropylene filters. This whole house filter system has a filter life of about one year before needing replacement, making it an ideal choice for families who prefer low maintenance requirements.

String Wound Filters

String wound filters are another great option for a home filtration system, especially for homes with well water sources. Their unique design allows them to capture larger sediment particles and protect your plumbing system from damage. They usually last about three months before requiring a replacement.

Ceramic Filters

Ceramic filters are the most advanced and expensive whole-house sediment filter option available. They are mostly recommended for homes that require additional protection against bacteria and viruses in the water. However, if you want a whole-house water filter with a longer filter life, Ceramic filters may be the best option, as they last up to two years without needing replacement.

Choose A Whole-House Filter System from Heiland Home Services

Investing in the right whole-house sediment filter is crucial for maintaining clean water and the longevity of your plumbing system. At Heiland Home Services, our expert technicians analyze your water needs and quality to provide the best options for your requirements. If a sediment filter isn’t the best option, we offer other house filter systems, such as carbon filters or ultraviolet water purifiers.

Installation and Maintenance

Our installation process is budget-friendly, accurate, and hassle-free. Not only do we provide easy installation, but we also offer regular maintenance, repair services, and replacement filters and filter cartridges to ensure that your filter runs efficiently.

Prioritizing clean water for your whole house is easier than ever with a sediment filter system. With many options, Heiland Home Services will guide you in selecting the whole-house sediment filter system that works for your life. We have the perfect solution whether you want a house water filter with the longest filter life or a water filter system that removes even the tiniest particles. So contact us today and get your whole house water filter system installed in no time. We promise to provide you with the most high-quality, clean water possible!