April Showers Bring… May Flooding!?

You know what they say, “April showers bring May flowers.”

Sounds like good things on the horizon, right?

Maybe. That is, if those peaceful April showers don’t flood your basement and cause a large amount of property damage! All that money you had budgeted for “May flowers” could end up being re-allocated for correcting the damage to your basement!

But I know what you’re thinking, “that’s no concern of mine because I have a sump pump.” Good thought, but who’s to say you can count on that sump pump in your time of need? How old is your pump? Have you checked it recently? (If you DON’T have a sump pump, stop reading now and give us a call to get that handled ASAP!) Even if it’s brand new, what if it were to get clogged, have something block the outlet port, or experience an unforeseen failure?

Heiland Home Services has the solution: A sump pump alarm.

There’s nothing mind-bending about the concept of a sump pump alarm. Their primary function is to “sound the alarm” should something go wrong in your sump pump system. Without one, you often won’t know something is wrong until it’s far too late! Sump pump alarms are the difference between a flooded basement and averted disaster.

If you have a finished basement, the cost of correcting damage from flooding can quickly exceed the cost of finishing that space in the first place. Even if your basement is not finished, water damage is no joke! Think of all you have in your basement: personal belongings in storage, a furnace, and water heater. Not to mention the havoc all that added moisture can cause with mold, mildew, and rot!

The most basic of water alarms does just that… simply alarm you of rising water. Their loud beeping (sometimes over 100db!) is enough to alert you even if you are a floor or two away.

So, is that all they do?

That’s like saying the most basic of cellphones can place a call… but technology has advanced far beyond that basic function, and the same is true of sump pump alarms! Here are a few other benefits available with more advanced alarms:

  • Text and/or Email Notification: Audible alarms are great… if you are home! WIFI integration allows for you to be notified even if you aren’t within earshot of the failing system.
  • Integrated Mobile Apps: Some of the new “smart” sump pump alarms allow you to login and monitor the alarm wherever you are.
  • Extreme Temperature Alarm: Should indoor temperatures drop below a certain point, freezing of pipes or the sump pit are a concern. Be alerted should the temperature drop to dangerous levels with an alarm equipped with temperature monitoring.
  • Alarm Dialer Capability: Don’t have access to WIFI? You still need to know if an issue occurs! Sump alarms with alarm dialer capability utilize land line hookups to place a call with an automated message should something go awry.
  • Battery Backup: Electricity go out? You’ll want to know right away! You will if the sump pump alarm you choose also monitors for power outage.
  • Mold/Mildew Detection: Sump pumps exist to manage water in the home. Any time water is involved within the home, mold and mildew are a concern. Sump pump alarms can monitor for more than high water levels; consider one with mold/mildew detection capabilities and take that worry off of your mind.
  • Pump Monitoring: Basic sump pump alarms only alert you when something has already failed. Why not purchase an alarm system that proactively test the pump instead of waiting for a failure, when it’ll already be too late!
  • Battery Backup: If you live in an area that often gets hit with heavy storms, lots of trees that fall on power lines, or are planning to install an alarm in a vacation home where there are large periods of time when no one is around, we recommend picking a system with a battery backup.
  • Backup Pump Combo Kit: The best alarm-only systems still don’t correct the problem, but if your sump pump alarm includes a built-in backup pump, you’ll rest easy knowing that the unwanted water is most definitely removed from your home!

In conclusion, sump pump alarms are a necessity, NOT an optional accessory, to any reliable sump pump system!

What sump pump alarm is right for you?

Give us a call at Heiland Home Services to make sure your home is protected while taking the guess work out of your choice of systems! We’ll walk you through the available options and price points to make sure you are able to make an educated decision.

What are you waiting for? We can’t wait to serve you!