Spring has sprung!

It’s official: Spring has sprung! But the question is… have you sprung a leak?

Everyone loves spring. It’s like the whole world is waking up and coming back to life. Temperatures are rising, daylight increases, and Easter will soon be upon us. MLB spring training is underway, it’s time to break out the grille, and perhaps you’re making plans to wash your car or water your garden. Which is a great reminder that it’s time to check out those hose bibs!

Hose bibs? What are they?

Maybe where you’re from you call them sillcocks, outdoor faucets, or spigots… but whatever you call them, hose bibs are the exterior hookups to your indoor water system. And spring is a great time to make sure you haven’t sprung a leak!

There are several things you’ll want to look for, and several reasons you may need to contact Heiland Home Services for repairs or updating!

  1. Leaks: This one is the most obvious. Leaks can develop for several reasons. Perhaps there was water left in the bib or line over the winter and it has been damaged by freezing. For more information on the risk of freezing, check out our blog on winterizing your hose bibs! Once this frozen water thaws, the damage is revealed and anything from a slow leak to a massive problem is possible. Slow leaks can allow water to soak into the ground directly besides your house which can cause high water bills, water in the basement, or damage to your house or foundation, not to mention creating a muddy mess.
  • Rust or Corrosion: Unlike the rest of your home’s water system, which is protected inside your house, hose bibs are exposed to the harsh elements and all that mother nature throws their way. For this reason, they can break down or need replacing. One sign of rust or corrosion is an inability to turn the bib on or off due to seizing of the handle. What good is an outdoor faucet if you can’t get water from it!? Another concern is if the handle should break while the water is turned on! If this should happen, quickly turn the water off at the source to stop the flow immediately.
  • Breaking down/Updating: You may not see any visible damage, but it still might be a great idea to update the system! What updates could you make? Old-style bibs are especially risky to utilize because they allow water to sit in the line up to and even in the faucet itself. New-style outdoor faucets, or “frost-proof” bibs, have a shut-off valve that closes deeper in your home, keeping water away from the outside cold and minimizing the risk of freezing. Installing a frost-free bib is a great way to minimize the risk of future damage and make winterizing your home easier next fall. Other issues could include the possibility of seals going bad, fixtures that were incorrectly installed in the first place, or other plumbing issues you may find when you do your spring bib checkup.

If you notice any leaks or damage, the first thing to do is get the supply valve turned off. This will minimize the leak and any resulting damage. While you may be tempted to try a repair like this on your own, unless you’re an experienced (and licensed!) plumber, you’ll be putting your home at risk. Poorly serviced bibs could fail in a time of need, or burst open at full tilt when no one is home to see the issue or stop the flow. (To avoid this disaster, check out our blog on Water Leak Detection!)

Whether you’ve located a problem or simply wish to update your home, your best bet is to call your friends at Heiland Home Services! We’ve got the experience and know-how to get the job done right the first time and perhaps even spot other potential problems before they develop!

If you need help with these, or any other spring-related plumbing issues, why not give us a call today!?

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