Acid Neutralizers

Water softener & acid neutralizer

What is an Acid Neutralizer, and do I really need one?  

An acid neutralizer dissolves calcium and magnesium as they flow through a filter which increases the pH of the water, making it more alkaline. The acidity in your water is determined by your main water source whether it comes from a well or you are tapped into your city’s water system. Factors like air pollution, rain, and the minerals found in the soil surrounding your home will affect not only the taste of your water, but the pH levels as well causing the need for an Acid Neutralizer. 

Some indicators of highly acidic water are frequently clogged pipes, discoloration in your toilet tank, and a metallic taste in your drinking water. A plumbing professional from Heiland Home Services can help you determine if these problems are due to water acidity or something else. Once you are assured that an Acid Neutralizer is in the best interest of your home, do not hesitate to have one installed. In addition to solving your clogged pipe issues and having better tasting water, having an Acid Neutralizer installed can save your family money from future costly repairs of eroded pipes and from serious health problems associated with dangerous pollutants in your water such as lead. If you have children, they are even more at risk of absorbing toxins from acidic water into their growing bodies causing cramps, diarrhea, nausea, kidney and liver disease, and nervous system problems. You can read more about the health concerns of substances such as lead in your water from the CDC’s website.