Whole House Sediment Filters

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What is a Whole House Sediment Filter and do I need one? 

A Whole House Sediment Filter’s job is to remove rust, silt, sand, and dirt from your water. In doing this, the Sediment Filter protects water treatment systems such as your water softener, and any appliances in your home that utilize water. Even though suspended solids like silt and rust cannot be seen with the naked eye, they are almost always present in untreated water, so a Sediment Filter is often used as part of the water filtration process in well water treatment, restaurants, and city water systems. 

A Whole House Sediment Filter is a necessary part of your home’s water treatment system whether your water comes from a well or the city. Water that contains suspended solids will affect the lifespan of major home appliances such as your water heater and washer by up to 30%! Because these appliances are so costly at the time of purchase and to be repaired, it would be in the best interest of your family to protect their longevity by having a plumbing professional from Heiland Home Services install a Whole House Sediment Filter. In addition to saving your appliances from damage, a Whole House Sediment Filter will protect your water softener. Because water softeners have fine moving parts, they are easily scratched and damaged by the sediments in the water that they are working so hard to cleanse. Likewise, your reverse osmosis system will also be subject to damages if your water is not cleansed of harmful sediments. Sediment filters not only protect the RO (reverse osmosis) membranes of your Reverse Osmosis system, but it also extends the life of the system, making the investment of a Whole House Sediment Filter well worth it!